North Hungarian Automotive Cluster


By now, Central Eastern Europe became the center of the automotive industry, practically all significant manufacturers from Europe and from the Far East have manufacturing sites in the region. At the present, there are four carmakers (Original Equipment Manufacturers), SUZUKI, GM, Mercedes and AUDI with assembling or motor manufacturing capacities in Hungary.  It is in the interest of the manufacturers to receive spare parts from local or close suppliers, thus the companies of the region, and the member companies of the North Hungary Automotive Cluster (NOHAC) have good chances to become suppliers or to strengthen their present positions.

NOHAC was founded at the end of 2006 with the participation of three Manager Suppliers, BOKIK, and the Innovation Management Cooperation Research Center of the University of Miskolc.  The goal of the cluster is to improve, by the alliance of the automotive suppliers of the region of North Hungary, their competitiveness, their innovation and profit-making ability and thus to bring its members closer to European car manufacturing and to the partners in the automotive industry.
After the foundation, numerous other companies joined NOHAC counting almost 70 members today. Most of the members are metal and plastic processing companies, but there are also organizing offices, certification companies and companies offering other services among them.  The number of those employed by the member companies of the cluster exceeds 11,600 people; their sales are close to 420 billion HUF, their export sales amount to more than 337 billion HUF.
In order to achieve the goals NOHAC applied for the title „Accredited Innovation Cluster”. The evaluation of the application is in progress, in case of positive decision the cluster and the member companies as well can get significant funds for the implementation of common investment projects to strengthen their competitive edge.

In connection with the application for accreditation, a strategy about the goals of the next three years has been prepared.

These goals are among others:
- increasing the level of R+D+I
- training, specialized training, dual training
- development of an internal information system
- building up of markets
- development of quality assurance, technical-technical consulting
- HR development and consulting
- Preparation of common investment projects (among others the implementation of a heat treatment center and an automotive testing center)